Ed Wilcox Custom Built Gen III AN/PVS-15A 3X M953 Night Vision System w/Accessories
Most folks who look thru night vision for the first time are utterly amazed at what they see at night! The AN/PVS-15As produce an image that impresses most folks who have used night vision before, which is why they are sought after and sell for over $10,000.00 new. This set of AN/PVS-15As was built with a matched pair of Thin Filmed Autogated Image Intensifiers with 64 line pair per millimeter resolution. This AN/PVS-15A comes with a Basic Issue of accessories that will protect and enable the best performance from your Investment.

To help protect your investment, we have included a Custom Pelican 1400 case to hold your 3x AN/PVS-15A when transporting and for storage as seen above. There is plenty of room for you to add items you want to carry in this case as the foam is made of small squares that you can pull out to form spaces to install these items.

When you only need your AN/PVS-15A to be a Standard Set of one power Night Vision Binoculars, we have included the AN/PVS-15 Soft Case depicted above.

This Soft Case can also be used to store and carry the various accessories that are included such as the 3x Lens Storage Cases and Lens LIF Adapter with lens cap shown below.

To protect your high performance 3 power magnification Afocal Lenses we have included Flip-Open Protective Lens Caps as depicted below. These MilSpec 3 power lenses have an f/stop of f/1.5 and Field Of View of 13 degrees.

When building night vision goggles, selecting and installing the best tubes and optics is paramount. These tubes must be matched and only an experienced Master Electro-Optical Technicians such as Ed Wilcox can properly match a pair of tubes so as to produce the best image for his Customers. This experience has come from over 15 years of providing Logistics Support to Law Enforcement in support of the 1033 Program working on all the various Models of ANVIS NVGs, AN/PVS-15s, BNVGs, NVBS-15s, AN/AVS-10s, and others. Ed is also contacted by other Night Vision Businesses for building up ANVIS NVGs when they need MilSpec work done.

The most important task after installing the image intensifier tubes is the Collimation. We do our Collimation using a periodically inspected and calibrated TS-3895A test set. Collimation is important because if not done or done incorrectly, your eyes will cross. This is due to each eye trying to adjust for each optical path of the monoculars going in slightly different directions. This causes eye strain especially for Operators who wear glasses and can lead to headaches and blurred vision when the goggles are used for extended periods of time.

This AN/PVS-15A was Collimated to within 95% horizontal perfect and 100% vertical perfect which is much better than is required by the Litton Technical Manual and MilSpec.

We have included a Basic Issue of accessories that will provide the best value without adding items that you will never use or want. The Basic Issue Items are seen and detailed below:

Two MilSpec 3x f/1.5 Afocal Lenses each having: A USGI Flip Open 3x Lens Protection Cap, LIF Adapter with its own lens cap, Green Soft Carry and Storage Case with dual ALCE Clips; Two Screw-On Demist Shields, Two Screw-On Sacrificial Windows, Litton Four Pad Flip-Up Head Mount, Custom Black Neck Cord, Two Heavy Duty Vinyl Eyepiece Protective Caps, New Custom Pelican 1400 Case, New Litton AN/PVS-15 Soft Case with divider and sealable pockets for accessories, USGI Rubber DayLight Training Filter Protective Lens caps for 1x lenses, NanoFiber Lens Cloth for cleaning large lens surfaces, a Four Pack of Lithium Energizer Ultimate AA Batteries, Paper Copy of the Litton Operator's Manual, and a FIVE YEAR WARRANTY!

This set of 3x AN/PVS-15As are an excellent night vision device for spotting coyotes, feral hogs, and other threats to the American Land Owner. To make it a better utilitarian night vision device, we have added a few more accessories, such as...

...a Hand Made Custom Black Neck Cord that enables the Operator to secure their 3x Powered AN/PVS-15 during use and to be able to drop them safely so that your hands are free for another pressing task.

This is not the standard night vision neck cord using a boot lace knotted on the ends, but a Custom black Neck Cord made from Paracord having self locking clips and a length adjustment mechanism unlike any neck cord seen before.

Added Accessories include...

...Screw On Demist Shields...

...Screw On Sacrificial Windows...

...and a Head Mount for Hands Free Operations.

This is not just any head mount, but one that enables you to lift your AN/PVS-15 up and out of the way and locked in the up and OFF position.

To store and carry this Head Mount we have included a black Ballistic Nylon Carry Case as seen below.

For those of you who were wondering...

That light blue dot on the back of this AN/PVS-15A is a Humidity Indicator. This feature plus the two desiccant packs in each side of the main housing plus our use of Airgas Ultra Pure Dry Water Pumped Nitrogen keep your internal components and tubes protected from moisture. These are features that are only included in the Dive (underwater) version of the AN/PVS-15A.

This is one of only two AN/PVS-15As that will be offered for sale. We at Wilcox have been saving up bits and pieces to build a Top-of-the-Line AN/PVS-15A for several years. These parts are just too hard to find to ever build another more. This AN/PVS-15A is unique in its features and Craft having the qualities of all night vision equipment built by Ed Wilcox Ruggedness, Dependability, High Performance, and a product that will serve the Buyer well for many years be they on Active Duty in our Military, a Tactical member of SWAT in any of our Law Enforcement Agencies or a Rancher / Farmer who needs to protect their land and livestock from predators.

Note: Sales and shipping only to addresses in the United States of America. No sales or shipping to anyone outside of the U.S.A.

Products for this Ad and image hosting provided by: Wilcox Engineering & Research a Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business and the best source for finely crafted night vision equipment, used American made night vision equipment and parts, as well as high quality value added repairs.

If you have any questions or need any additional information, please feel free to contact Mr. Wilcox.