New WILCOX Simple Battery Pack ARC v.2 for ANVIS Night Vision Goggles
Now being offered for sale is the New WILCOX Simple Battery Pack (SBP) Version 2 shown above, for use with Ops Core FAST and ACH Accessory Rail Connector (ARC) during ANVIS Ground Operations. The newest version of the SBP-ARC eliminates the plastic lanyard used to keep the battery cap with the SBP. It has been replaced with a Stainless Steel 7 x 7 strand cable that is crimped using Zinc Coated Copper Crimps. This improvement doesn’t increase the cost, but it does increase the SBP’s ruggedness and longevity providing even more value to our Customers.

While previous ANVIS have been powered by battery packs design for flight operations, the new WILCOX SBPv2 was designed for ground operations such as those seen in Law Enforcement Tactical and Military Combat environments. It is a very rugged device that uses one type 123 battery such as those used in tactical flashlights. The LEMO connector inserts and locks into all type of flight and ground ANVIS helmet mounts.

The WILCOX SBPv2 is mounted to the FAST or ACH Accessory Rail Connector and connected to the ANVIS SOCOM helmet mount shown here... can be attached to the ARC Rails in these configurations:

The WILCOX Simple Battery Pack (Patent Pending) has features unique to previous products making it a much better product for ANVIS Ground Operations. These features are depicted below:

For our Customers who do not use the Ops Core ARC Rails, we also have a new Velcro version using the aggressive 3M Dual Lock Velcro patch that is bolted onto the SBP. This patch can be cut with scissors if you need to change its shape or just reduce its size. This 3M product can be used with any other type of Velcro loops product such as used to hold the ANVIS Low Profile Battery Pack on to helmets.

If you need the Velcro Version, please send me a message stating so after winning this auction.


Weight: 66 grams or 2.3 ounces with battery installed
Length: 1.875 inches from tip of battery cap to end of housing or 5 inches from tip of battery cap to end of connector
Height: 1.313 inches
Width: 0.875 inch diameter or 2 inches from tip to tip of the Ops Core WingLoc wings
Waterproof: Submersible down to 30 meters for 10 minutes!


- Powers off by unscrewing the battery cap one or two turns just like some of the high performance tactical flashlights


- Uses one type 123 3-Volt Lithium battery providing you with more than 35 hours of ANVIS continuous runtime

- Battery voltage will not flow to NVG if installed it is backwards

- Stainless Steel Cap Screws Used to secure the Ops Core WingLoc

- Stainless Steel 7 x 7 cable and Zinc Coated Copper Crimps used to secure the battery cap to the SBP.

- Same locking, red dot index, LEMO connector used on ANVIS Flight battery packs

- Mounts to Advanced Combat Helmet or Ops Core FAST Accessory Rail Connectors

- Small enough to fit in your pocket! Carry an extra one as a spare for an additional 35 hours of runtime

- Custom power cable lengths (longer) available on orders of 25 or more.

- Discounts provided to Active Duty Military Members and Law Enforcement Officers as well as quantity discounts to DoD, DoJ, and DoS Agencies. E-mail us for discount pricing.

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