This is the last Wilcox Engineering & Research New CUSTOM Built Gen III AN/TVS-5 built from New Old Stock parts by Ed Wilcox the Master Electro-Optics Engineer at Wilcox Engineering & Research using an ITT Gen III MX-11620 Image Intensifier Tube having a Clean Image and very good gain with 64 lp/mm resolution! It was measured several times just to be sure of its resolution being accurate. Most of the TVS-5s and PVS-4s being sold have old Gen II + I tubes are 28 lp/mm with some of the better ones being 32lp/mm. This tube is clean and has no large black spots, honeycomb or chickenwire. This Gen III tube's image is very clear and crisp at all light levels.

This is a Custom Built TVS-5 using NOS parts, optics, and a NOS Gen III MX-11620 image intensifier tube which original sold for over $8,000.00! Custom built also means that you know that Ed Wilcox has built this AN/TVS-5 and that his reputation is well known for making the best Custom Made Night Vision Equipment in the Industry. Any information you may need has been provided here or will be provided long after the purchase has been made. We at Wilcox believe that our Customers are as valuable to use as our Family is and we treat them just as good, if not better.

This new Gen III AN/TVS-5 has a Basic Issue included with the unit which includes the following items: The newest black two piece Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene plastic container fastened together by two hinges and two latches. A metal spring loaded (to the stowed position) hinged handle is provided for easy carrying. A pressure release valve is provided to release pressure build-up within the O-ring sealed case before opening. This pressure occurs when storing the unit at one altitude and using your scope at a different altitude shown below,...

...Daylight Training Filter/Lens Cap, Shuttered Eyeguard, Five-Year Warranty, Four Lithium AA Batteries, Two Reticles; 7.62mm and .50 Installed, Picatinny Rail Mount with Stainless Steel Cap Screw with Allen Wrench to attach to the V-Block mounting and T-bolt, Premium Cleaning Kit, A paper copy of TM 11-5855-214-10 Operator's Manual, TM 11-5855-214-24&P Organizational, Direct Support, and General Support Maintenance Manual Including Repair Parts and Special Tools Lists), and some Supplementary documentation such as who to change the reticle and how to remove and replace the image tube on a Mini-CD.

We at Wilcox use Stainless Steel Cap Screws to secure the V-Block to the TVS-5 Tube Housing and to secure the Picatinny Rail Mount to the TVS-5 V-Block so that corrosion will never be a problem for you in this area. This adds value to your purchase that only Wilcox can offer.

To ensure that your investment lasts and lasts we have also updated this scope so that all of the Exterior Structural Hardware has been changed from the original common steel hardware to Stainless Steel Caps Screws making it easier to work on and protecting your investment from corrosion as seen in the three pictures below.

Note the SS Cap Screws in the Elevation Turret and Shuttered Eyeguard.

Mr. Wilcox has customized this AN/TVS-5 with small changes most folks would never notice, such as changing the POWER/GAIN control knob seen here.

The Power On/Off Gain Control Knob has been changed from the diecast Aluminum knurled knob having an outside diameter of 9/16 inch and 7/16 inch long to the plastic knurled knob having an outside diameter of 3/8 inch and length of 1/2 inch. Mr. Wilcox's many years of night vision experience has uncovered the fact that many Customers report their TVS-5s go thru batteries fast or that they always seem to have dead batteries. Others report that they often find out that their TVS-5 is on without them turning it on. The size, position, and knurling of the standard power control knob makes it stick out more and when you grab the scope before it is mounted to a rifle it is very easy to accidentally spin this knob and turn the TVS-5 on. Buying this Custom Made AN/TVS-5 ensures that you have fewer if any problems with it.

An unknown fact about these newer High Photocathode Response 25mm Format Night Vision Weapon Sights is that when they are upgraded from Gen II to the newer Gen III the RETICLE IS TOO BRIGHT even on its lowest setting. This can damage your expensive Gen III image intensifier tube by burning an image of the reticle into the photocathode or screen permanently! Buying our Custom built AN/TVS-5 ensures that you will not have this problem as it has been correct via a new proprietary modification.

So why do we use Stainless Steels Hardware and do a Custom Build of this equipment and provide the extra items listed as part of our Basic issue?

Because Ed Wilcox builds each piece of night vision equipment as if I were building it for one of his closest friends on Active Duty or in Law Enforcement. In other words, we want to provide each Customer with the best product money can buy that will last them a very long time.

This system features an automatic brightness and gain control. When a bright flash of light, as from the weapon muzzle flash, or outside light source occurs, the tube automatically adjusts to restore operational conditions of the sight. Control of the sight can also be manually adjusted for tube and reticle brightness with control knobs. After the sight is mounted on the weapon, boresighting is accomplished by adjusting the reticle elevation (top) and azimuth (left side) actuators. A rubber eyeguard protects the user from weapon recoil and prevents light from escaping the eyepiece. When the eyeguard is pressed against the face, two internal rubber leaves open and permit viewing the scene.

• Automatic Brightness Control
• Muzzle Flash Protection
• Illuminated reticle and tube brightness control Modified for Gen III
• Interchangeable reticles for various weapons
• Mounts & brackets for various weapons
• Daylight Training Filter (DLTF) Lens Cover allows daytime boresighting

Magnification 6.2x
Field of view (deg) 9.0
Min. Focus Distance 25m
Obj. Focal Length 155mm
Input Aperture: 140mm
f-Number 1.107
T-Number 1.6
Eyepiece F L 26.5mm
Eye Relief 34mm
Eyepiece Adjust +2 to -5

Mounting: Picatinny Rail Grabber AND V-block Bracket with sliding T-retainer
Weight: 4.201 Kg / 9 Pounds 4.1 ounces with batteries, DLTF, Eyeguard, and Picatinny Mount.
Length: 320mm / 12.5/8 inches long front of lens to eyepiece at +2 Diopter
Height /Largest Diameter: 170mm / 6 3/4 inches from Rail Mount to Elevation turret.

Power ON/OFF/Manual Gain Control Reticle: ON/OFF Brightness control
Reticle Adjust: +/- 2.5 deg in 1/4 mR increments for both Windage and Elevation

Power Supply: 2 ea “AA” Lithium batteries
Battery life: 60+ hrs @ 20 deg. C

Operating Temp: - 54 to + 52 Deg. C
Storage Temp: - 54 to + 70 Deg. C
Operating Altitude: Sea-level to 10,000 ft.
Storage Altitude: Sea-level to 40,000 ft.
Immersion: 1 meter

Wilcox products came ready to use, just install the batteries and you are ready to use this scope. We never ship my products with the batteries installed as Ed Wilcox has seen hundreds of night vision devices damaged by leaking batteries sent to him for repair.

Note: Sales and shipping only to addresses in the United States of America. No sales or shipping to anyone outside of the U.S.A.

If you have any questions or need any additional information, please feel free to contact us.

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