Secrets of Night Vision Image Tubes CD
Now available for sale is my CD-ROM titled: “18mm Image Tube Rebuilding” which contains the files titled: “Processing the 18mm Gen II Image Intensifier” which can also be adapter for processing the 18mm Gen III Image Intensifier. The processes described within this CD-ROM, were designed to be used by customers who do not have the millions of dollars needed to set up a Image Tube rebuilding facility such as the DoD E-O Depots. The process addresses alternate methods of rebuilding the 18mm format image tubes in a manner that will produce a high quality product, that have been successfully repeated many times across the USA, by my customers.

I learned how to rebuild these image intensifier while on active duty in the United States Air Force. My training was done while on temporary duty to the United States Marine Corps’ Electro-Optics Depot. I also endeavored in self study efforts by doing research in an Electro-Optics Lab, that I had set up at Norton AFB, CA and studying the book “Image Tubes” which was written by the “Father of American Night Vision Image Intensifier” Illes P. Csorba. After retiring from the USAF, I was hired to set up facilities that would be able to produce high quality image tubes from used and/or damaged image intensifiers. I did so for several businesses, charging them a fee that ranged from $2,000.00 to $7,000.00.

I decided to draft and author a document having all of the steps detailed using text, pictures, and video clips. This document would enable anyone to be able to tear down, test, grade, and build up Gen II 18mm format American made Image Intensifiers. Because of the size of the document I decided to use the CD-ROM as the primary media for this document. This CD is being offer on my website for $250.00

Ok, so maybe you may not be interested in rebuilding image tubes, why would you want to buy this CD? The answer is “Power.” Knowledge is Power and having the information contained in this CD will enable you to make the best decision when buying night vision equipment. If you or someone you know has lost money, buying night vision equipment, due to bad tubes or image tubes with problems, it was because you or they did not have the information needed to make an informed decision. Before buying another piece of night vision equipment, buy this CD and study it. It WILL give you the POWER to make the best decisions when buy this type of equipment.