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DIY Anvis Kevlar Helmet Mount

Attention all Active Duty U.S. Military Members and Members of Law Enforcement

Do you have one of these?

...and you need to mount it on one of these for Ground Operations?

...If so, order one of these using the information in this picture from your Supply Channels or for LEOs from a DRMO via the 1033 Program.

Then, purchase one of my Do It Yourself (DIY) Anvis Kevlar Helmet Mount (AKHM) kits, shown below. 

These kits come with all of the parts and hardware needed to assemble the AKHM.  Also included is the Graphics Training Aid card, which provides instructions on AKHM assembly and its use with the ANVIS NVGs and ACH, PASGT, or MICH helmets.  A carrying pouch is also included in black or ACU colors as shown above.

Once assembled the AKHM looks like the one in the picture above.  When attached to the ACH and ANVIS NVGs, your equipment will have this configuration:

The AKHM is a Combat proven product in use by the U.S. Army, other Active Duty U.S. Military Members, and civilian Law Enforcement Agency SWAT Teams.

The New WILCOX AKHM DIY Kit retails for:  $350.00 each.  Military, LEO, and quantity discounts available upon request.  Large quantities of the DIY AKHM can be supplied expeditiously to U.S. Military Units.

We carry the Low Profile Battery Packs which retail for:  $445.00.  U.S. Military and LEO discounts available upon request.

 We now accept payment via Credit Cards, PayPal, and Wide Area Workflow (WAWF)

E-mail us for more information, to place an order, or to get discount pricing quotes.

Proudly Made in the U.S.A.