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Useful National Stock Numbers


This page will help Law Enforcement Officer to identify the NSNs with the equipment they would like to obtain from the 1033 Program.  This list is a work in progress so if you find an NSN that would be useful not covered here, please e-mail me that information

- The AN/PVS-7B NSN: NSN  5855-01-228-0937, AN/PVS-7D, NSN: 5855-01-422-5413, and AN/PVS-7A/C. all Gen III NVGs.

- - The image Intensifiers for the PVS-7s are: NSNs: MX-10130C/UV = 5855-01-328-3540 & 5855-01-328-3540 and MX-10130D/UV =  5855-01-422-4720, 5855-01-481-0818, & 5855-01-504-4589.

- - The image Intensifiers for the PVS-4: Gen II - MX-9644/UV NSN: 5855-01-138-2386 and Gen III MX11620/UV NSN: 5855-01-398-6167

 Weapons mounted aim lasers:

AN/PAQ-4B - NSN 5855-01-361-1362 (IR laser aiming light)

AN/PAQ-4C - NSN 5855-01-398-4315 (IR laser aiming light)

AN/PEQ-2A - NSN 5855-01-422-5253 and NSN: 5855-01-447-8992

IR Aiming Laser ITP-500C AN/PEQ-16B - NSN NSN: 5855-01-582-1584

 Mini Integrated Pointing Illumination Module MIPIM AN/PEQ-15A - NSN 5855-01-536-6166

 DBAL-A2 Dual Beam Aiming Laser and Illuminator GCP-2/V1 NSN: 5855-01-420-0817

50mW - GCP-2/V2 NSN: 5855-01-448-8155

For a more complete listing of NSNs, please click on the following link for downloading an  Adobe.pdf document titled:  1033 NSN NVGs and laser

A new opportunity for Law Enforcement Officers via the 1033 Program will be the AN/AVS-10 or ANVIS-10 NSN:  5855-01-529-4684 Part Number:  0B107-IPG-001-A2, as pictured below.  These Panoramic Night Vision Goggles are the Aviation version weighing a little less than a set of AN/PVS-23s.  As Support for these has been terminated by the OEM, the only repair facility capable of repairing them is here at Wilcox Engineering & Research. 

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