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1033 Program Support Repairs

After obtaining night vision equipment from a DRMO via the 1033 Program it may or may not function.  Wilcox Engineering & Research supports the 1033 Program by supplying LEO with technical information on how to operate such equipment or do minor repairs.  We also supply Technical Manuals that detail equipment operation and use. 

Over the last year or so, Aviator's Night Vision Imaging Systems, or ANVIS Night Vision Goggles (NVG) have been showing up at various DRMOs for LEOs to obtain using the 1033 Program.  ANVIS NVGs are the highest performance NVGs made allowing true stereoscopic vision that adds greatly to depth perception. 

Wilcox Engineering & Research has had over 20 years of experience in building up new and repairing used ANVIS NVGs both while in the USAF and thereafter.  So we can turn these:

... into these:

Wilcox Engineering & Research can do basic cleaning and dry water pumped Nitrogen purging of the Monocular Housing Assemblies, troubleshooting and repairs from Unit level to Depot - OEM level maintenance, such as the Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) of two-piece ANVIS MHA in accordance with GEN-02-ASAM-02, as shown here. 

Wilcox Engineering & Research is currently limited to the repair and maintenance of ANVIS NVGs used in Ground Operations only.  We are currently working on obtaining the proper FAA credentials to work on ANVIS NVGs used in all Civilian Airborne Operations.

Wilcox Engineering & Research can provide their LEA Customers with a Ground ANVIS Kit, shown below, that makes the ANVIS NVGS more useful for ground operations, using them more like a set of self powered night vision binoculars

We can supply our Customers with ANVIS Omega Helmet Mounts such as the ANVIS Hands Free Mount pictured here.

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Quality equipment made in the United States of America by a Disabled American Veteran.