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Night Vision Weapon Sights

We have specialized in the building and repair of the 18mm formal Night Vision Scopes / Sights such as the NVEC Raptor M646 and M644, the Litton Aquila III 4x and 6x, the Litton AN/PVS-12s, and the Nivisys Night Hawks 4x and 6x scopes.

We are the only repair facility having the original Maintenance Documents from NVEC as well as the Research done by NVEC and ITT to determine what ITT Gen III F9800 characteristics were needed for a Weapons Grade tube know as the F9800WG

The Original tests were done using an M14 firing M80 7.62 NATO ammunition to test both the 4x and 6x Raptors.  After months of testing it was determined that the F9800WG tube is required to have a Halo value of between 1.1 to 1.25mm, with autogated tubes needing to be on the high end.

Over the last ten years we have expanded those test so that a Halo value of 0.95mm could be used on AR15s firing 5.56mm NATO ammo for both the 4x and 6x scopes.  We have determined that there should be no upper which we use to ensure our scopes will never see black spots forming in the center of the image denoting tube damage.

Our research is ongoing as we are currently testing tube having Halo values of 1.60 and up to 1.76mm for use on bolt action .308 rifles and higher recoil rifles.  Currently we are testing our 4x Raptors on a bolt action 30-06 to certify our scopes for this caliber and rifle

Because of our extensive image tube rebuilding experience, we have developed a new Weapons Grade tube we designate the MX-21929 which is a hybrid ITT high Halo value 72lp/mm resolution Module mated to an L-3 Programmable Power Supply Unit of PPSU.  This designation denotes that this tube is both an MX-10160C and an MX-11769 or 10160 + 11769 = 21929.  This combination enables us to build one tube that can be used in Raptors and other night vision scopes having the Manual Gain function.  The PPSU is made so that in addition to making optimum adjustments of the PPSU's gain and brightness adjustments, we can also adjust the gating frequency producing a tube with low EBI and a high SNR.  What this means to our Customers is that you get a tube that amplifies light very well with very little degradation of the image at longer distance in lower ambient light conditions.  This makes our 6x scope's detection range 2000 yards of a two meter object under a half moon sky.


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